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Thirty-Won: 31 Things I’m Grateful For

I can’t believe I turned the big THREE ONE! As my 31st birthday approached last month I had no clue how I wanted to celebrate. The thought of planning something sounded really stressful because I had to take into consideration that we’re still in the middle of a “panoramic” lol. I didn’t want to gather up friends for a traditional birthday dinner and hope the popular restaurants still had reservations available, and planning an international trip was out of the question this late in the game. The harder I thought about what I didn’t want to do the more the idea of being in the middle of nowhere surrounded by nature became more appealing to me.

After searching high and low for something not too far from Jersey and easy on the pockets, I settled on an RV get-a-way in Pennsylvania. I know totally random, but I felt a strong sense of needing to get out of the city and be in a secluded area with barely any internet service where I could experience peace, silence, and serenity. This safe haven gave me some much-needed time to reflect and block out all the nose. If I can be completely honest, I genuinely didn’t know how to feel about turning thirty-one. I don’t feel like I’m exactly where I want to be or envisioned myself being at this point however, I’m grateful I was able to see thirty-one. To shift my mindset and focus on what I’m grateful for, I decided one way to celebrate myself was by sharing thirty-one things I’m grateful for in honor of my thirty-first birthday.

1. I woke up this morning and have lived another day to see my 31st Birthday!

2. I am in good health

3. My solid tribe of amazing new friends and old friends

4. My twin sister and the close bond that we share

5. To have a loving and supportive family

6. To live life with ease knowing I have no regrets

7. Experiencing moments of hurt, pain, and rejection, and the valuable lessons I’ve learned from it

8. Learning how to love and appreciate the most authentic version of myself

9. Paying off debt during the pandemic

10. The uplifting love and support I’ve received from joining small group communities

11. Missed opportunities that I thought lost out on and God showed me he had greater!

12. I live alone, I really enjoy my ME time lol

13. Being blessed with a praying mother, there’s nothing like it!

14. 90’s R&B that keeps me calm and sane when I have road rage while driving lol

15. I learned money isn’t the only way to bless and serve others; your time, support, and presence are much more valuable

16. God’s Grace, Mercy, and Favor!

17. Nature and the outdoors, Hiking is my happy place!

18. The simple things in life

19. Becoming a plant mom, which has taught me patience and endurance

20. Experiencing a bit of normalcy this summer since the pandemic

21. The work me and my therapist have been doing for the past four years

22. The various accomplishments I’ve achieved this year no matter how big or small

23. The opportunity to have experienced real unconditional love

24. The random acts of kindness received from strangers in public

25. I’m able to brunch and fellowship with my friends again

26. Being single and embracing the single life

27. I am able to travel again domestically

28. I now possess the confidence and strength to walk away from things that no longer serve me

29. Learning the art of forgiveness

30. Yoga, prayer, journaling, and meditation has become a daily practice

31. I have everything that I need and lack nothing

I hope this post inspires you to create your own gratitude list as a way to celebrate and reflect on living to see another year!



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